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​              Learn More About Us and Why Use Us:
1.   You call, you speak, and only then you pay.
​2.   You are risking nothing: no deposits or prepayment for our service. 
3.   First 2 minutes of any conversation is free of charge.
4.   If the other party is not answering the phone or Skype - you don't have to pay for up to 5 dialing attempts per day. 
5.   If you want to leave a voice message to the other party - you don't have to pay. 
6.   If we make a conference call the $1 per minute that you pay for our services covers all long distance charges. 
7.   All first time users of our services are receiving 10 minutes phone interpreter free of charge and/or up to 3 free translated SMS to your party and/or one free translated email with approximately 50 words.  
8.   You pay using Paypal and/or your credit card,  only after your conversation with the other party was completed and we are both have agreed on charges.  
9.   Upon your request we can record your conversation and without additional charge email it to you in MP3 file.
10.   If you stuck in any of the Russian Speaking or English Speaking Country, got yourself into an emergency situation, but nobody understands you, call us as soon as possible, and we will help you immediately. Don't worry about the payment, you pay us later $1 per minute for assistance and translation. 
 Call us today: 
+1-646-797-5722 (United States), 
+7-981-950-0905 (Russia), 
or contact us via Skype: praxis365
​email: praxis24@mail.ru 

At Russian-English, English-Russian Live Phone Interpretation Services, provided by www.info-bridge.info, we're dedicated to ensuring you, your loved ones, and your business partners that you can stay connected even if you speak different languages. 

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Мы даём уроки английского по Скайпу, 

смотрите образец урока и цены ниже.

Russian-English, English-Russian Tutor via Skype. 

Watch this sample of a lesson via Skype:



30 минут - $30;  45 минут - $45;  

60 минут - $50;  90 минут. - $80; 120 минут - $90

Don't be fooled by other website's hidden fees!

​​Don't wait. Set up your 3-way call with the party you are going

to speak to, or we can do it for you if you call us at:

+ 1-646-797-5722 (United States),

+7-981-950-0905 (Russia) ,

Skype : praxis365

Today we will make your Russian perfect. Impress your Russian girlfriend and her mom with our service and it will cost you NOTHING!
Tell her "Ia lublu tebia moia kukolka" 

Russian-English, English-Russian Live Phone Interpretation provided by:


​Наши операторы готорят на английском и на русском языках.

Telephone: +1-646-797-5722 (United States)

or +7-981-950-0905 (Russia), ​Skype: praxis365

Our operators speak English and Russian